Mochy Bunny

Meet Mochy, the talented artist from Singapore who is winning hearts with her adorable illustrations starring a bunny with short ears. Mochy's artwork is a delightful blend of cuteness and creativity, featuring her iconic bunny character in various whimsical settings.

What sets Mochy apart is not just her charming characters, but also her dedication to sharing her art with the world. Regularly attending conventions and art fairs, Mochy brings her creations to life on prints, stickers, plush toys, and more, offering fans the chance to take home a piece of her enchanting world.

Through her attendance at these events, Mochy not only showcases her artwork but also connects with her audience on a personal level. Fans flock to her booth, eager to meet the artist behind the beloved bunny illustrations and to add Mochy's merchandise to their collections.

With each stroke of her pen, Mochy invites us into a world of whimsy and wonder, where happiness is found in the simplest joys. Her passion for illustration shines through in every creation, reminding us of the beauty of imagination and the power of art to brighten our days.


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