10 tips to make sure your enamel pins don't fall off

Enamel pins are not only a creative expression but also a fashion statement. However, there's nothing more disappointing than losing a beloved pin due to it falling off unexpectedly. Fear not! In this detailed blog post, we will explore effective strategies and tips to ensure your enamel pins stay securely in place. From selecting the right attachments to proper pin placement, we'll guide you through the process of keeping your pins safely attached and preserving their longevity.


1. Choose Quality Pin Backs

Selecting high-quality pin backs is essential for pin security. Two common options are rubber clutches and butterfly clutches. Rubber clutches are durable and provide a snug fit, while butterfly clutches have added stability due to their double-pronged design. Ensure that the pin backs fit tightly onto the pin posts to prevent them from slipping off.


2. Use Locking Pin Backs

For extra security, consider using locking pin backs. These specialized attachments feature a mechanism that locks the pin in place once it's attached. Locking pin backs are particularly useful for valuable or sentimental pins that you want to protect from accidental loss.


3. Apply Epoxy Glue

To reinforce the bond between the pin and the pin back, apply a small amount of epoxy glue or a strong adhesive to the pin post before attaching the pin back. Epoxy glue provides added strength and ensures a more secure connection. Be careful not to use excessive glue, as it may seep out and affect the pin's appearance.


4. Pin Placement 

Proper pin placement is crucial to prevent pins from falling off. Choose a secure and sturdy area on your garment, bag, or accessory to attach the pin. Avoid areas with excessive movement or friction, such as loose fabric or areas prone to brushing against surfaces.


5. Clean the Attachment Area

Before attaching your enamel pin, clean the attachment area thoroughly. Use a gentle soap or alcohol wipe to remove any dirt, oils, or residue. A clean surface allows the adhesive on the pin back to adhere more effectively, reducing the risk of the pin coming loose.


6. Consider Pin Supports

For larger or heavier pins, consider using pin supports to distribute the weight and minimize stress on the attachment area. Pin supports, such as pin locking backers or pin locking boards, provide additional stability and help prevent the pin from swaying or tilting, reducing the chances of it falling off.


7. Regularly Check Pin Attachment

Periodically inspect your pins to ensure they are securely attached. Give them a gentle tug to check for any signs of looseness. If you notice any movement or wobbling, reapply adhesive or replace the pin back to maintain a secure connection.

8. Avoid Overcrowding

Avoid overcrowding pins on a single item. When pins are clustered too closely together, they can rub against each other, causing them to dislodge or become damaged. Leave enough space between pins to prevent unnecessary movement and potential detachment.


9. Store Pins Properly

When not in use, store your enamel pins properly to preserve their quality and prevent accidental detachment. Use a pin display case, pin cushion, or a dedicated pin board to keep them organized and protected from dust, moisture, and external forces that could cause them to fall off.


10. Handle Pins with Care 

Treat your enamel pins gently to avoid unnecessary stress on the attachments. Avoid pulling or tugging at the pins, especially when removing clothing or accessories. Delicate handling helps maintain the integrity of the pin's attachment and reduces the risk of accidental detachment.


With these practical tips and strategies, you can ensure that your enamel pins remain securely attached and avoid the disappointment of losing your favorite pieces. From selecting quality pin backs to proper placement and regular inspections, implementing these measures will provide the peace of mind and confidence to showcase your enamel pin collection with pride.


Enjoy wearing your pins knowing that they are securely fastened and ready to make a lasting impression.

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