Agnezia Zefanya (Indonesia)

        In the vibrant world of art, a rising star has emerged from the heart of Indonesia - the talented and passionate Illustrator, Agnezia Zefanya, affectionately known as Anya. With a journey that commenced in 2020, Anya's artistic evolution has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. This gifted artist has conquered her self-doubts and transformed her childhood hobby into a remarkable career, leaving a trail of joy and creativity in her wake.

       From a young age, Agnezia, or Anya, found solace and inspiration in the art of illustration. As her skills grew and her imagination soared, she discovered a deep love for bringing beauty to life through her drawings. With unwavering determination and a belief in her own abilities, Anya set out on a path to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an illustrator.

      Today, with a heart filled with gratitude, Anya stands as a shining example of perseverance and artistic talent. Her illustrations radiate a delightful charm, capturing the essence of all things cute and lovely. Whether it's depicting cherished memories, portraying the joy of playful animals, or bringing fashion and daily life to vivid fruition, Anya's creations are a testament to her boundless creativity and love for her craft.

    Anya possesses a special gift for turning her clients' most precious moments into enchanting illustrations. Each brushstroke carries a touch of magic, breathing life into their memories and transforming them into treasured works of art.

       Agnezia Zefanya, known as Anya, is an artist who has found her calling and continues to evolve with every stroke of her brush. As she embraces her journey of learning and growth, her fans eagerly anticipate the masterpieces she will create in the future. With her unique perspective and innate talent, Anya is set to leave an indelible mark on the art world. So keep an eye out for her enchanting illustrations and allow her to whisk you away into a world where joy and creativity know no bounds.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I'm still very new in this field too but I think having a basic fundamental skill is important, it's not the most fun part hehe but it will help us a lot while working on our projects. And I just realize that turning your hobby, the thing that you like to do, into your job is really challenging, it might takes time but if it's something that we really want, then hang in there! :) Don't compare ourself with other artists, because every artists have their own backgrounds and timeline, so keep on working and growing, take a break if you need to, and start working again after that ^^ 
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