Pinlord's Anti-Slavery Mission

Pinlord, a retail company and vibrant pin community, is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that it does not support child labor or child abuse in any aspect of its operations. In a world where these issues persist, Pinlord has set forth a powerful anti-slavery mission with a strong focus on eradicating child labor and abuse from its supply chain.


This mission is built on a set of core principles and practices that guide Pinlord's partner selection, manufacturing processes, and retail operations.


The Premise


Child Labor-Free Sourcing

 anti slavery mission by Pinlord

Pinlord places child labor-free sourcing at the forefront of its mission. They meticulously vet their partner manufacturers to confirm strict adherence to child labor regulations and labor standards. This includes verifying that no minors are employed in the production of their products. Pinlord ensures that their pins and merchandise are made by responsible, adult workers.


Supplier Audits


The company conducts regular and rigorous audits of its manufacturing partners to assess compliance with labor laws and regulations, with a particular focus on child labor prevention. Any signs of child labor or abuse within the supply chain are met with immediate corrective actions and, if necessary, termination of partnerships.


Empowering Communities


Pinlord is dedicated to empowering the communities in which it operates. They actively support local initiatives aimed at eliminating child labor, improving access to education, and enhancing the well-being of children in vulnerable areas. By engaging with communities, Pinlord contributes to reducing the prevalence of child abuse and child labor.


Transparent Supply Chain


Pinlord maintains a transparent supply chain, meticulously tracking the journey of their products from the sourcing of materials to manufacturing and distribution. This transparency allows them to verify that no child labor or abuse is involved in the production process. Pinlord's customers can be confident that the pins they purchase are ethically produced.


Continuous Progress 

Pinlord views its commitment to combating child labor and child abuse as an ongoing journey of progress. They regularly assess and improve their sourcing, manufacturing, and retail processes to adapt to changing challenges and emerging best practices. This unwavering dedication ensures that Pinlord remains a leader in ethical retail.




Pinlord's anti-slavery mission is more than just a statement; it is a profound commitment to the rights and well-being of children. By prioritizing child labor-free sourcing, conducting comprehensive supplier audits, empowering communities, maintaining transparency, advocating for responsible retail, and continually striving for progress, Pinlord sets an exceptional standard for ethical retail. They demonstrate that it is possible to create and sell unique, high-quality products while upholding the fundamental rights of children and contributing to the global fight against child labor and abuse.


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