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Milky Sensei

Milky Sensei

Location: Gold Coast, Australia 🇦🇺 

Pricing: From $9-95 AUD

Shipping: Worldwide 2-14 days

Payment: PayPal, card payments, bank transfers

How to find them? 

  • Instagram @milkysensei
  • Events around the world

Designed products:

  • Enamel pins
  • Stickers/decals

About the Brand: 

Milky Sensei is a brand focused on creating fun stickers, inspired by Manga, Anime, Cars and Japanese Culture. We're constantly growing and exploring new ideas to further expand our quality of work!

Founded in 2021 on the Gold Coast, our aim is to build into an anime inspired powerhouse! We design all of our products ourselves and take pride in doing so. Currently our collection consists of stickers, however we have big plans to expand into apparel & more.

Why did we create Milky Sensei?

For the longest time anime has had a massive influence on my life! As I was growing up, I didn't even realise that what I was watching was anime, but as time went on I fell in love with the culture around it. After my first trip to Japan in 2013, I knew I wanted to do something that involved anime in some way.

Now I'm not exactly sure why, but I LOVE collecting stickers! Everywhere I go, if there's a cool sticker, I'll probably buy it. While collecting stickers I thought to myself, why don't I make my own? Thus, Milky Sensei was born. 

What's next for Milky Sensei?

While we are currently working to create great stickers, we aim to branch out into even more fun products. Apparel is certainly something we aim to create, but we're open to more ideas outside of this. If you have any ideas for a product we should make, please let us know via our Contact page, or DM us on social media!

How can you support us?

While purchasing our products is an obvious one, there's more ways that you can show your support! We appreciate all the love we can get on our social media pages! We also love hearing what you like, so that we can create even more cool items that you'll love! We want to build a community around Milky Sensei, not just a brand that makes things!

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