How to Make Custom Notebooks

Adding custom notebooks to your shop can diversify your product range, attract a wider customer base, and enhance customer loyalty. Notebooks are versatile and universally appealing, making them a valuable addition that caters to students, professionals, creatives, and more.


Here are simple steps you need to know when ordering custom notebooks from us.


Choose the size



Opting for A6 size offers a compact and portable notebook that's easy to carry in bags, purses, or pockets. This size is ideal for quick notes, sketches, or on-the-go jotting. A6 notebooks are perfect for individuals who value convenience and need a lightweight companion for their everyday tasks.



Choosing A5 size strikes a balance between portability and writing space. It provides more room for comprehensive note-taking, doodles, and creative ideas. A5 notebooks are versatile for both personal and professional use, offering a comfortable size for various tasks without being too bulky.



Opting for B5 size offers a larger canvas for more extensive writing, detailed notes, or even sketches. B5 notebooks are particularly suitable for students, professionals, and individuals who require ample space for organized note-taking or planning. While slightly larger, they still maintain a manageable size for carrying.


Custom Size

Selecting a custom size allows you to tailor the notebooks precisely to your requirements. This option is especially valuable if you have specific dimensions in mind or if your brand identity aligns with non-standard sizes. Custom sizes give you the freedom to create notebooks that perfectly suit your envisioned use.


How many pages?

80 Pages

Choosing 80 pages provides a lightweight and slim notebook suitable for quick notes, sketches, or shorter projects. This option is great for individuals who prefer compactness and portability, making it easy to carry and use on the go.


100 pages

Opting for 100 pages strikes a balance between thickness and practicality. This option offers ample space for various types of content, making it versatile for both personal and professional use. It's a popular choice for individuals seeking a notebook that combines substance with convenience.



200 pages

Selecting 200 pages results in a substantial notebook that's well-suited for more extensive projects, long-term use, or comprehensive note-taking. This option provides a larger canvas for recording ideas, organizing information, or creating detailed sketches. It's particularly beneficial for those who require a notebook with lasting power.


Custom number of pages

Choosing a custom number of pages allows you to tailor the notebooks precisely to your requirements. This option is valuable if you have specific content needs, such as for planners, journals, or specialized notebooks. Custom page counts to ensure that you offer notebooks optimized for the intended use.



Decide on your cover

Pearl Cover

Opting for a pearl cover adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your custom notebooks. This option often features a subtle shimmer or pearlescent finish that catches the light, creating a visually appealing effect. Pearl covers are ideal for creating notebooks that exude a sense of luxury and uniqueness, making them suitable for special occasions, premium offerings, or branding with a high-end feel.


Soft Touch Cover

Choosing a soft touch cover provides a tactile experience that is both velvety and luxurious to the touch. This cover material offers a matte finish with a smooth, suede-like texture that's pleasing to handle. Soft touch covers not only enhance the notebook's tactile appeal but also add a sense of understated elegance. They're particularly popular for products that aim to deliver a premium feel while maintaining a modern and sophisticated look.


Glossy Cover

Opting for a glossy cover results in a polished and vibrant appearance that draws attention. Glossy covers have a shiny finish that adds a reflective quality, making colors appear more vivid. This option is ideal for notebooks that aim to stand out, such as promotional items, vibrant designs, or covers that need to catch the eye. Glossy covers lend a lively and energetic feel to your notebooks.



Choose Your Pages


Lined Pages 

Opting for lined pages provides a structured format that's ideal for neat note-taking, writing essays, or jotting down thoughts in an organized manner. Lined pages offer guidance for writing and help maintain consistent spacing between lines. This option is great for students, professionals, and anyone who prefers a systematic approach to writing.


Blank Pages

Choosing blank pages offers a blank canvas for creativity, allowing users to freely sketch, doodle, write, or brainstorm without any constraints. Blank pages are versatile and cater to a range of uses, from drawing to journaling. This option is perfect for artists, designers, writers, and individuals who value unrestricted expression.


Dotted Pages 

Opting for dotted pages features a grid of evenly spaced dots that guide both writing and drawing. Dotted pages strike a balance between the structure of lines and the freedom of blank pages. They're particularly useful for bullet journaling, creating diagrams, or crafting organized yet visually appealing content.


Grid Pages

Choosing grid pages presents a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, forming a grid pattern. Grid pages offer a structured layout that's useful for mathematical calculations, precise sketches, data recording, and creating diagrams. This option is popular among professionals who require accurate alignment and organization.


Choose a Binding Method


Page Binding

Opting for page binding allows each page to be easily detached from the notebook. This method is versatile and convenient, as pages can be removed, reorganized, or replaced as needed. Page binding is ideal for notebooks that require flexibility, such as planners or project journals. It offers a clean and minimalistic look, with pages that lay flat when opened.


Lockline Glued Binding

Choosing lockline glued binding results in a more traditional notebook style, where the pages are securely glued along the spine. This method provides durability and a polished appearance. Lockline glued binding is suitable for notebooks that will be used for continuous writing and require a more permanent structure. It offers a professional look and ensures that pages remain securely in place.


Spring Binding

Opting for spring binding involves using a coiled metal or plastic spring that runs through holes punched along the edge of the pages. Spring binding allows the notebook to lay flat and provides easy page-turning. This method is particularly beneficial for notebooks that require frequent referencing, as the pages stay open without the need to hold them down. Spring binding offers a functional and dynamic look.


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