Kevin Seman

Kevin Seman of Lonely Roller had always nurtured a deep passion for cartooning. Although life had taken him on a different path, he remained optimistic about his artistic dreams. As a child, Kevin found joy in doodling, and during high school, he explored the world of digital art. However, he realized that his skills needed refinement if he wanted to make a significant impact in the field.

In college, Kevin encountered art professors who lacked enthusiasm for his artistic aspirations. Their lack of support and their apparent satisfaction when Kevin decided to explore other avenues could have discouraged him entirely. But Kevin chose a different path. He saw their indifference as an opportunity to prove himself, to grow and develop his talents independently.

Years later, amidst battling depression, Kevin rediscovered the healing power of art. He returned to drawing, focusing on depicting the things that brought him joy and warmth. His artwork was not flawless, and his skills were far from perfect, but he persevered. There were no professors or teachers to criticize his work; there were no grades or comparisons to undermine his confidence. Kevin embraced the freedom of self-expression, allowing his heart and soul to guide his stylus strokes. With each piece he created, he noticed improvement, as his unique style began to take shape.

Kevin Seman cherished the imperfections in his art, realizing that they were a reflection of his individuality. His drawings may not have been masterpieces, but they exuded authenticity and a vibrant spirit that was uniquely his own. Above all, Kevin aimed to spread joy through his art, to bring smiles to the faces of those who encountered his work. He understood that the world needed his colorful mess, his delightful creations, as they resonated with the true essence of who he was—an artist driven by passion and a desire to make others happy.

Tips to fellow Artists:

Never give up, and never lose your spark. Embrace your style and own it. Even what you perceive to be flaws in your art could give it the character to make it stand out amidst a world where everyone is emulating what’s popular. Don’t be afraid of criticism, and don’t ever let it get you down. You’re improving with every step you take, and you never know how wonderful and skilled you’ll become if you let that light within you get stamped out by trolls, critics, and snobs. Most importantly, let the world see what you’ve created. There’s nothing wrong with making art for yourself, but if you know something you’ve made will make someone’s day brighter, then put it out there and let it shine.

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