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Lizette Vieyra of Liliz Lu Studio is a professional artist and designer who discovered her passion for repurposing discarded materials at a young age. She hails from León Gto., Mexico, where she honed her skills and acquired various techniques that she still enjoys blending together. Lizette actively participated in art exhibitions, competitions, and sculpting projects using paper mâché. For her, this artistic pursuit was always a beautiful hobby.


In 2017, Lizette embarked on a new chapter in her life when she moved to Australia with her life partner and husband, Omar Franco. They sought to experience the wonders of this diverse and captivating country. It didn't take long for them to fall in love with Australia's multicultural environment and its warm-hearted people. Lizette's desire to share her work grew stronger.


She began crafting handmade dolls using newspaper, recycled paper, and tree branches. Lizette showcased her creations at cultural events, as well as in art galleries across Bendigo, Frankston, and Ballarat. Shortly after settling in Melbourne, she received the unexpected and joyous news that she was pregnant with her long-awaited first child, Oliver.

The circumstances of Lizette's life took a turn, and she found herself compelled to transform her beloved hobby into a business. This endeavor, filled with love, allowed her to spend precious time with her little Oliver while gradually expanding her enterprise and generating income to support her growing family. Today, Lizette's artistic repertoire extends beyond papier-mâché dolls. She specializes in crafting collector's pieces, Mexican dolls, and activity kits that enable others to explore their creativity while learning about Mexican techniques and traditions. Notably, one of her popular kits, "Paint Your Skull," offers an opportunity to delve into the beauty of the Day of the Dead tradition. Additionally, Lizette has ventured into designing and producing a collection of exquisite jewelry, employing the same technique with enhanced precision to provide an excellent sustainable and ethical fashion choice.

Currently, Lizette's work can be found in various stores in Melbourne, including QVWC, SISTER WORK, and MELKO, as well as at local markets. To connect with her audience and showcase her creations, she maintains a presence on Instagram and Facebook under the name LilizLu Studio.

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