Pinlord Enamel Pin Competition - June 2023

Competition Details

How to enter:
  • Visit the Pinlord’s Enamel Pin Competition entry link in bio
  • Submit your best enamel pin design through the link (max 2 entries per maker)
Submission Guidelines:
  1. The design should be creative and designed (no screenshots)
  2. All designs must be safe for our pin community (positive vibes only)
  3. High-resolution files required (JPEG, PNG, PDF)
Competition Details:
  1. Submissions close June xx
  2. Top 5 designs will be posted on @Pinlord Instagram.
  3. Voting will only be open for 7 days so be fast!
  4. Voting happens in the posts comments so tag, share and comment to increase your chances! (Most votes wins)
  5. Winner gets 50 pins of their design for FREE + 50 pins that we will promote/sell as a collab on!

Design Submissions


The Shining pin by @darkcult_ 
456 community votes


THE VOID IS PLEASED by @downwiththeship
121 community votes

Alpha Male by @ajillustrator 
115 community votes



Competition Judges:

Chanamon Ratanalert

Instagram @madebychanamon
Business Name: Made by Chanamon
I learned from Pinlord when beginning my pin-making journey, so it is a great honor to have been asked to be a judge! I loved seeing the different subjects and art styles of the submissions. It’s so fun to see the wide variety of pin designs that are out there. It affirmed my belief that enamel pins are a fantastic expression of art and I’m excited to design and collect more!
    Kevin S.
    Instagram: lonelyroller182
    Business Name: lonely roller
    Being a judge in this competition was such a blast.  I enjoyed seeing all the entries and all the different styles that were sent in, and I look forward to seeing more of everyone’s pins featured on Pin Lord’s Instagram.  There’s so many wonderful creatives in the world, and I hope everyone continues to draw and design and show their art and their talents!
      Dove Lott
      Instagram: @rainbowtherapi
      Business Name: Rainbowtherapi
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