How to make custom washi tape (2023)

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape made from traditional Japanese paper. Wa means ‘Japanese’ and shi means ‘paper’.

If you’re a stationery enthusiast, a crafter, or a bullet journaler, you know how essential washi tapes are in your collection. With their unique and beautiful prints, washi tapes can add so much fun and personality to your materials.

If your washi tape obsession makes you want to create your own custom rolls or you're a business owner looking to add washi tape to your store, here's how easy it is to make them with us.


Prepare your pattern

You can have all the fun designing your pattern. It’s your opportunity to show off your imagination and creativity. Here are some important pattern requirements to consider:

  • Bleed on top and bottom, 1.5 mm on each side
  • Please make sure no text or essential design is in the 1.5mm bleed space
  • The max loop length is 250mm, this will be duplicated to make the overall roll
  • It is okay to make a shorter design, please make it so that if the pattern is repeated, it will be exactly a 250mm pattern.

When submitting your pattern’s files, Ai or PNG works best for us to make sure we have the high-quality version of your artwork when creating your mockup. We also accept PDF, PNG, and JPEG files.


Decide on your tape’s width

The most popular width for washi tapes is 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm. But you also have a lot of options if you want them wider! You can choose your preferred width on your quote form or tell your account manager about your choice.



Decide on your tape’s length

Our custom washi tapes can come in two lengths, 5 meters, and 10 meters. Choose your preferred length on your quote form or tell your account manager about your choice.



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