How to make custom air freshener (2023)

On average, Americans spend an hour every day in their cars and drive around 25 miles. With 222 million drivers in the US, accessories for cars are important products.



Usually hanging from the rear mirror of the car or in another prominent location, air freshener is one of those products that increase brand awareness then followed by an increase in sales. This is the reason why you should add air fresheners to your store.


Here are three easy steps in creating your custom air freshener:


  1. Choose your design shape

Air fresheners make a unique custom product on the market. You can choose from regular shapes like round, rectangle, and square or make it even more unique by choosing irregular shapes that are cut to your design.


  1. Decide on the size

The standard size for an air freshener is around 10cm to 14cm. Sizing for this product is dependent on the design requirements and preference.


  1. Pick your scents

Here comes the most important and exciting part. Let your inner perfumer fantasy let loose and choose from our wide range of scents available.



The scent doesn't have to be generic. In fact, air freshener is one of those products that allow you to create to the exact specifications that you want.


By using custom shapes and a unique smell that people can associate you with, you can turn them into something only you can offer to the world. 


Following the three steps above, you’re ready to hit the road and order your own custom air freshener.


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