Anastasia Safronova (Russia)

                  Anastasia Safronova, a resident of Yekaterinburg, Russia, found herself captivated by the world of art and design. Living in a place where the snow covers the ground for half of the year, she dreamed of relocating to a warmer climate. Graduating with a degree in graphic design, Anastasia's passion for drawing had been with her since her teenage years, and she found joy in expressing her creativity through both mediums.

Drawing inspiration from the smallest details of life, Anastasia discovered beauty in the most unexpected places. The colors of a nail polish in juxtaposition with the hue of a mug, the somber ambiance of her rain-soaked bedroom, package designs, the grainy textures of old photographs, and the melancholic allure of British rock music and movies with poignant endings all played a role in shaping her creative vision. The world of fashion, especially the realm of couture, held a special place in her heart. Abstract art, with its captivating textures and lines, served as yet another wellspring of inspiration.
Anastasia held strong convictions about the importance of freedom and open-mindedness. She despised any form of constraint, no matter how minor, as it saddened and angered her. Her ultimate desire was for everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of ridicule or physical harm. This desire to explore such themes of freedom and self-expression in her art fascinated her, marveling at how other artists could address serious issues and convey them through the universal language of art.
As an introvert, Anastasia spent much of her time in solitude, yet she remained open to new connections and acquaintances. Her vegan lifestyle was not one of aggressive activism, but rather a personal choice. Among her favorite things were books about modern art, minimalistic silver rings, dark humor, to-do lists, the tranquility of rain and fog (considering the sun overrated), corduroy blazers, converse shoes, and the indulgence of cookie dough. Music held a special place in her heart, as it does for many.
Although Anastasia had always considered herself fortunate to have discovered her passion for graphic design, she was surprised to find that even after deciding on a career, uncertainty still lingered. As she navigated the post-graduation phase, she found herself pondering her next steps. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, she held firm belief in the promising future that lay ahead.
In parting, Anastasia Safronova shared valuable advice with fellow artists, encouraging them to explore their true selves and embrace their authenticity. She believed that staying true to oneself was the key to success, for there was nothing more powerful than being genuine. And she urged her peers to trust the process, knowing that perseverance would yield results in due time.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Explore yourself, your authenticity is the key to success. You can't do anything better than being yourself. And trust the process, if you keep going there will be results.
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