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Mary Elizabeth is an amateur artist and designer based in Eden, North Carolina. From a young age, she has been captivated by the ocean and the diverse array of life beneath its surface. A pivotal moment in middle school, when her science teacher showcased a documentary on bioluminescent organisms and the scientists studying them, sparked her determination to pursue a similar path.

Fueling her passion for ocean life, Mary Elizabeth pursued a bachelor's degree in marine biology. Currently, she is working as a laboratory analyst while also striving to obtain an advanced SCUBA certification. Her ultimate goal is to share her love for the ocean, introduce others to the fascinating creatures she has come to know, and raise awareness about the pressing threats faced by the underwater world.

With her artistic hobbies and dedication to ocean advocacy in mind, Mary Elizabeth established Marytime Designs. This venture allows her to transform her ocean-inspired artwork into enamel pins and stickers. She finds great joy in the opportunity to connect with fellow ocean enthusiasts and advocates, as well as those eager to learn about marine life.

Through this new chapter, Mary Elizabeth's artistic abilities have flourished. She has expanded her skills in watercolor and acrylic art while exploring new mediums such as digital art. Moreover, her creative endeavors have enabled her to contribute funds to charities and organizations engaged in the vital work of protecting ocean life and preserving fragile marine ecosystems.


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