How to Make Custom Cards

Custom cards allow you to convey personalized messages and emotions, making them ideal for various occasions. By providing a platform for heartfelt expression and creativity, you not only deepen customer relationships but also tap into a demand for unique, thoughtful, and memorable gifting options.


Here's a simple guide on how to make custom card with us:


Choose the size

Standard 4” x 6” or 5” x 7

Opting for standard sizes offers familiarity and ease of use. These sizes fit well in envelopes and are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from greetings to invitations.


Square 5” x 5” or 6” x 6”

Choosing square sizes adds a unique touch to your cards. Square cards stand out and can accommodate visual elements, making them great for artistic designs or Instagram-worthy messages.


Mini 3.5” x 5”

Offering mini cards provides a charming and compact option. These sizes are perfect for short notes, gift tags, or attaching to presents. Mini cards add a touch of cuteness and are excellent for quick gestures.


Custom Size

Custom sizes cater to those looking for unconventional dimensions, adding a personal touch to their messages.


Choose the card’s material 


300gsm Hard Paper 

Opting for 300gsm hard paper provides a sturdy and reliable option for your custom cards. This material offers a substantial weight that conveys a sense of quality and durability. It's suitable for a wide range of designs and occasions, from classic to modern. 300gsm hard paper lends a professional look while ensuring the cards hold up well over time.


300gsm Pearlescent Paper

Choosing 300gsm pearlescent paper adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your custom cards. This material features a subtle shimmer or pearlescent finish that catches the light, resulting in a visually appealing effect. Pearlescent paper is particularly well-suited for special occasions, formal events, and designs that aim to stand out with a sophisticated flair.


350gsm Hard Paper 

Opting for 350gsm hard paper offers a slightly thicker option that enhances the tactile experience of your custom cards. This material exudes a premium feel and provides additional rigidity. 350gsm hard paper is ideal for designs that require a more substantial and substantial presentation, making it suitable for high-end invitations, announcements, or branding materials.


Choose the card’s finish


Matte Finish

Opting for a matte finish results in a non-reflective surface that offers a smooth and understated look. Matte finishes are elegant and sophisticated, providing a subdued appearance that's suitable for a wide range of designs. This finish minimizes glare and fingerprints, creating a more subdued and refined aesthetic. Matte finishes are versatile and work well for both formal and casual occasions.


Glossy Finish 

Choosing a glossy finish adds a vibrant and shiny appearance to your custom cards. Glossy finishes enhance colors and images, resulting in a visually striking effect. They catch and reflect light, creating a dynamic and attention-grabbing look. Glossy finishes are ideal for designs that demand vibrancy, such as vibrant graphics, photography, or bold illustrations. However, they can be prone to glare and fingerprints.


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