How to make custom lanyards (2023)

Custom lanyards are a popular and functional accessory that is used for a variety of purposes. They are typically worn around the neck and are used to hold items such as keys, ID cards, and badges. They are often used in workplaces, schools, and events to display identification or security credentials.


When creating custom lanyards, there are specific requirements that you should consider to ensure that the final product meets your needs.


Purpose of your lanyard 

Are they for a conference, trade show, or event? Are they for employee identification or security purposes? The purpose of the lanyards will determine the type of material and attachment that is most suitable.


For example, if the lanyards will be worn for a long period of time, a comfortable material such as polyester or nylon would be recommended. If the lanyards will be used for security purposes, a breakaway feature may be necessary.


Design and layout

If you are working with a designer, they will typically provide you with a digital file of the final design. If you created the design yourself, make sure that it is in a digital format that is compatible with us to create your mockup. Ai or PNG works best for us to make sure we have a high-quality version of your artwork when creating your mockup. We also accept PDF, PNG, and JPEG files.


What if I can’t design my own artwork or I can’t afford to pay for someone to design for me? 

We’re here to help. For FREE! Here’s how: Get a pen and paper and sketch your idea for us. It doesn’t have to be perfectly drawn, the purpose of the sketch is for us to get a good understanding of how you want your design to turn out instead of blindly guessing what you want, and would save us time going back and forth with revisions.


If you want to know more about our free design conversion service, you may read this blog.


Lanyard type/material


Polyester: This is a common material for lanyards as it is durable, lightweight, and easy to print on. It is also resistant to fading, shrinking, and stretching.



Nylon: This material is also durable and lightweight. It is also resistant to water and UV rays, making it a good choice for outdoor events.


Cotton: Cotton lanyards are comfortable to wear and have a softer, more natural feel than synthetic materials. They are also eco-friendly and biodegradable.



Woven: Woven lanyards are made from a variety of different materials, such as polyester, nylon, or cotton. They have a more upscale and sophisticated look compared to traditional lanyards.



Recycled materials: Recycled materials lanyards are made from repurposed materials, making them an eco-friendly option. They are typically made from recycled plastic bottles or other materials and can be an excellent way to promote the company's environmentally friendly values.


Leather: Leather lanyards are a luxurious option and are perfect for high-end events or exclusive promotions. They are made from genuine leather and can be embossed or debossed with a logo or artwork.


Silicone: Silicone lanyards are a soft, flexible, and durable option. They are perfect for events where safety is a concern as their breakaway feature can help prevent injury.


Size and length

Lanyards come in different widths, thicknesses, and lengths. You should select the size that is most suitable for your needs. For example, a wider lanyard would be more visible and easier to read, while a thinner lanyard would be more discreet. The length of the lanyard is also important, as it will determine how the lanyard hangs and how easy it is to use.


Attachments and accessories

There are a variety of attachments available such as clips, key rings, and badge holders. You should choose the attachments that are most suitable for your needs. For example, a clip is best for attaching a badge or ID card, while a key ring is best for attaching keys or small items.

Ordering custom lanyards requires careful consideration of specific requirements such as material, design, size, attachments, and quantity. By taking the time to think through these requirements, you can ensure that the final product meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


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