How to Make Metal Bookmarks

Adding metal bookmarks to your shop introduces a simple yet thoughtful accessory that resonates with readers and book enthusiasts. Custom bookmarks not only offer a practical solution for keeping one's place in a book but also provide a canvas for personal expression, making them a popular choice for gifts and personal use. By offering unique designs and the opportunity for customization, you tap into a niche that values functionality, creativity, and literary appreciation.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make bookmarks with us!

Choose the metal finish

When selecting the metal finish for your custom bookmarks, you're making a choice that significantly impacts the overall aesthetic and visual appeal. Here's a breakdown of the metal finish options:

Stainless Finish

Opting for a stainless finish provides a timeless and versatile look. Stainless steel offers a clean and polished appearance that suits various design styles, making it a reliable and classic choice.

Brushed Finish

Choosing a brushed finish results in a textured and matte surface. Brushed metal adds a touch of sophistication and can minimize the appearance of fingerprints and scratches, making it suitable for a refined and durable look.

Mirror Finish

Opting for a mirror finish creates a reflective and gleaming surface. Mirror-finished metal adds a sense of luxury and elegance, catching and reflecting light for an eye-catching effect.

Black Finish

Choosing a black finish offers a bold and modern appearance. Black-coated metal exudes contemporary style and can provide a striking contrast when paired with colorful designs or text.

Gunmetal Finish

Opting for a gunmetal finish delivers a dark and metallic look with a hint of grey. Gunmetal offers a distinctive and edgy appearance that's versatile for a range of design themes.

White Finish

Choosing a white finish provides a unique and sleek aesthetic. White-coated metal offers a clean and minimalist appearance that can accentuate colorful designs or stand on its own.

Copper Finish

Opting for a copper finish offers a warm and rustic appearance. Copper-coated metal adds a touch of vintage charm and pairs well with earthy or vintage-themed designs.

Brass Finish

Choosing a brass finish results in a rich and golden appearance. Brass-coated metal exudes elegance and can evoke a sense of tradition and luxury.

Rose Gold Finish

Opting for a rose gold finish provides a romantic and elegant aesthetic. Rose gold-coated metal offers a delicate and warm appearance that's popular for designs aiming for a touch of sophistication.

Decide on the shape


Rectangle Shape

Opting for a rectangle shape offers a classic and versatile design that's widely recognized. Rectangular bookmarks provide ample space for designs, text, and images. They're suitable for various themes and are well-suited for showcasing artwork, quotes, or promotional messages.

Leaf Shape

Choosing a leaf shape adds a natural and organic touch to your bookmarks. Leaf-shaped bookmarks can evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony, making them ideal for nature-inspired designs, literature about the outdoors, or educational materials.

Flower Shape

Opting for a flower shape delivers a whimsical and visually appealing design. Flower-shaped bookmarks are great for conveying beauty, creativity, and positivity. They're suitable for designs related to gardening, art, or simply adding a cheerful touch to reading materials.

Custom Shape

Selecting a custom shape allows you to unleash your creativity and align the bookmark with your brand's uniqueness. Custom shapes offer endless possibilities for expressing your message, logo, or theme in a distinctive way. This option stands out and can become a signature feature of your bookmarks.

Decide on the size

Standard Size

Opting for a standard size, such as 2" x 6" or 2.5" x 7", provides familiarity and compatibility with a wide range of books. Standard sizes are versatile and well-suited for various design styles and purposes.

Mini Size

Choosing a mini size, around 1.5" x 4" or smaller, offers a compact and adorable option. Mini metal bookmarks are perfect for lightweight reading or attaching to smaller books, planners, or notebooks.

Large Size

Opting for a larger size, such as 3" x 8" or more, delivers a substantial and attention-grabbing bookmark. Large metal bookmarks can accommodate intricate designs, artwork, or detailed messages.

Custom Size

Providing a custom size option allows customers to tailor their bookmarks to specific books or preferences. Custom sizes give you the flexibility to create unique and memorable designs.

Make it special!


Screen printing

Opting for screen printing allows you to add colorful and detailed designs, text, or artwork to your metal bookmarks. This technique enhances customization and enables you to convey intricate visuals or branding.

Surface Etching

Choosing surface etching involves creating intricate designs by chemically or laser etching patterns onto the metal. This option adds a tactile and visually appealing texture to your bookmarks, giving them a unique and artistic touch.


Adding a tassel provides a decorative and functional element to your metal bookmarks. Tassels enhance the bookmarks' aesthetic while offering a practical way to mark pages or secure the bookmark in place.


Opting for a chain attachment adds an elegant and vintage-inspired touch to your metal bookmarks. Chains offer a sophisticated way to keep the bookmark connected to the book, preventing loss or damage.


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