Pinlord's Anti Human Trafficking Mission

Pinlord is not just a retail company and pin community; it is a community-driven brand that places a strong emphasis on social responsibility and ethical practices. Pinlord is deeply committed to ensuring that it does not support human trafficking in any aspect of its business operations. This mission is grounded in a set of core principles and practices that guide Pinlord in selecting partner manufacturers and selling products in a responsible and ethical manner.


The Premise


Ethical Sourcing


Pinlord prioritizes ethical sourcing when selecting partner manufacturers for their pins and products. They conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that their manufacturing partners adhere to strict labor standards, including a commitment to fair wages, safe working conditions, and zero tolerance for human trafficking. This careful vetting process helps guarantee that Pinlord's products are not produced using exploited labor.


Supply Chain Transparency


Transparency is fundamental to Pinlord's mission. They believe that transparency is essential for accountability. They work closely with their manufacturing partners to maintain visibility throughout the supply chain. By knowing the origins of their materials and the conditions under which their products are made, Pinlord can ensure that human trafficking has no place in their operations.


Worker Empowerment


Pinlord is dedicated to empowering workers throughout their supply chain. They insist on fair wages, reasonable working hours, and safe environments for all employees involved in the production of their pins. This empowerment extends to respecting the rights and dignity of all workers, preventing any form of abuse or exploitation.


Ongoing Improvement

Pinlord views its commitment to combating human trafficking as an ongoing journey of improvement. They continuously review and enhance their sourcing and production processes to adapt to evolving challenges and emerging best practices. This dedication to progress ensures that Pinlord remains at the forefront of ethical retail.




Pinlord's mission to combat human trafficking reflects its deep-rooted commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible retail practices. By prioritizing ethical sourcing, maintaining transparency, empowering workers, and continually improving their processes, Pinlord sets a powerful example for the retail industry. They demonstrate that it is possible to create and sell unique and high-quality products while adhering to the highest ethical standards and contributing to the global fight against human trafficking.

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