How to Make Custom Can Coolers

Ordering custom can coolers presents a compelling opportunity to amplify your brand's presence and customer engagement. These functional and personalized accessories not only keep beverages chilled but also serve as mobile billboards for your logo and design.


By investing in custom can coolers, you create a practical and memorable connection with your audience, fostering loyalty and expanding your brand's reach in a cost-effective manner.


Here’s how to make custom can coolers with us:


Choose the style


Opting for the standard style offers a classic and versatile can cooler design that accommodates most beverage cans. This style is widely recognized and appeals to a broad range of customers, making it a safe choice for various occasions.




Choosing the slim or skinny style provides a sleek and modern look that fits slim cans, such as those used for energy drinks or sparkling water. This style appeals to a specific audience seeking a contemporary and tailored fit.




Opting for the tall style accommodates taller beverage cans, offering extra coverage and insulation. This style is suitable for larger-sized cans and can add a unique touch to your can coolers.



Tandem Dual

Choosing the tandem dual style provides a can cooler that holds two cans side by side. This style is ideal for social gatherings or when customers want to enjoy multiple beverages simultaneously.


Choose the right color for your brand


Choosing the right color for your custom can coolers is a pivotal decision that influences brand recognition and aesthetic appeal. The color you select should align harmoniously with your brand's existing palette, evoking emotions and reinforcing your identity.


Consider the psychology of colors – whether you want to convey energy, calmness, or playfulness – and ensure the chosen color complements your logo and design elements, enhancing your can coolers' visual impact and fostering a strong and memorable brand association.


Decide on the printing method

Screen printing

Opting for screen printing offers a cost-effective option for simple and bold designs. It provides vibrant colors and good durability, making it suitable for larger quantities. However, intricate details might be challenging to achieve.



Choosing sublimation allows for high-quality and full-color designs that become part of the material. Sublimation results in a long-lasting print with vibrant colors, ideal for detailed or photographic designs.


Heat Press

Opting for heat press involves applying heat and pressure to transfer a design onto the can cooler. It's versatile and works well for simple designs or logos. However, intricate details might be limited.


Heat Transfer Vinyl

Choosing heat transfer vinyl involves applying cut-out designs made from vinyl onto the can cooler using heat. It offers flexibility in design and color options, making it great for small batches or individual customization.



Opting for embroidery creates a textured and premium look by stitching the design onto the can cooler. Embroidery offers a tactile and elegant finish, suitable for more sophisticated branding.


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