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Good Band Merch

Good Band Merch

Location: USA, AU, UK, CN, PH 🌍

Pricing: $175 - $260 for 100 enamel pins 👍🏼

Ethically Certified: Yes

Turnaround: approximately 2-3 weeks, delivered globally 📦

Payment: PayPal, card payments, bank transfers

Payment terms: accepts 50% deposit pre-production & 50% after photo proof 🌟

Custom products: enamel pins, stickers, lanyard, wristbands, guitar picks, keychains, apparel, & event packages 🎁


About the manufacturer: 

Good Band Merch is a team of talented artists who have come together with a shared mission to create a positive change in the manufacturing industry. With a strong commitment to ethical practices, they have earned certifications that guarantee their dedication to responsible manufacturing.

What truly sets Good Band Merch apart is their remarkable customer service, which spans across the globe. They pride themselves on providing an exceptional experience to their customers, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

But Good Band Merch is more than just a manufacturer. They have a genuine appreciation for the stories of real people and find inspiration in the crafts of fellow artists. This passion fuels their creativity and drives them to deliver unique and meaningful products.

If you're looking for a trusted partner that not only produces high-quality merchandise but also values ethical practices, outstanding customer service, and the power of human connection, Good Band Merch is the ideal choice.

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